How to install a sink into your baby's room

If you are planning to decorate your nursery, consider installing plumbing directly into the room before. Placing a sink into your baby’s room is both useful and practical, especially when it’s bath time. This will make your work easier because you won’t have to go to the bathroom or kitchen to bring water in order to wash your baby or to take your baby there and bring him back to his or her room.

Before installing all the necessary plumbing into the nursery, you need to get a building permit (this is not always necessary). After that, hire a plumber to do all the necessary plumbing work. Now, you need to find a proper support for the sink. It can be an old dresser or a chest of drawers. Just make sure that the piece of furniture you choose for this task is suitable to accommodate a sink and that it is large enough to serve as a changing table too. Its height is also important – make sure you feel comfortable while using it.

Draw a template of the sink on the top of the dresser and mark the place where the faucet will be installed. If you want to change the color of the dresser, paint it now before the plumbing is hooked up.

Put the drawer below the sink and let the plumber turn off the main water line. Arrange the dresser in place; the plumber will install the sink, drain and faucet and will also hook up the plumbing. For more safety, secure the dresser into the wall.

You will see that the sink-dresser in the nursery will be very practical and helpful while washing, changing or bathing your baby. And, as your baby grows, you can repaint the dresser in order to work with the decoration of the room.

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