Sauna heater types

You can choose from 3 types of sauna heaters. An electric heater, an infrared heater and a wood fueled one.

Electric heater

An electric heater is the most maintenance free of the heaters, because it doesn’t require a chimney.

It mustn’t run for more than 1 hour without being reset. In Canada and the U.S. the heater mustn’t go over 194 degrees Fahrenheit whilst in Europe the temperature can be much higher.

Infrared heater

The infrared heater has become very popular for its effectiveness. It heats up the area it faces and doesn’t affect breathing because the surrounding air is not heated up as well.

Wood fueled heater

This heater doesn’t have any temperature limitations like the other two types of heaters but requires a chimney and a small clearance from any item nearby.

All heaters require a heater guard for safety reasons.

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