About transom windows

Transom windows are a great decorative addition to the home. Designs deffer from plain windows to decorated ones with elements of stained glass. It is fairly simple to redesign your plain transom window into one that looks like stained glass.

It is usually placed above the door.

  1. Think about the design. Sketch it on a piece of paper and plan what colors and shapes you want to use.
  2. Trace the outline of the chosen shapes on to the glass using leading . Don’t worry if you make mistakes while using the leading because it is easy to wipe off.
  3. Because normal paint won’t dry clear, you will need to fill in the shapes with special transparent colored paint.

Painting a transom window

To avoid the paint dripping down, you must use small amounts of paint. To make the job easier, take the transom window out if possible and let it dry flat.

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