Do your windows get fogged? Learn how to prevent that

You will be satisfied to know that there are solutions to your problem and quite simple.

Fans can be a true help. Place an electric fan near by the windows that are likely to get fogged and start them when there is a notable difference between the inside temperature and the one that is outside.

In case you have ceiling fans, assure their position in order to be close to the windows prone to fogging and use them in the same situation – when the inside and outside temperatures are very different.

A current cause of the fogginess is the presence of cracks in the window. Inspect your windows for any sign of cracking. You might need a magnifying glass. If you find any, use a special sealant to patch them up. You should choose this sealant dependent on the size of the cracks you need to repair. If the problem doesn’t disappear, replacing the windows is the best way to go.

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