Information about wooden and plastic window shutters

The window shutters made from plastic are a popular choice for most homeowners, due to their small cost compared to the wooden ones. But try to not make the decision based only on this factor. It also depends on the window type and the place where they will be installed.

In order to decide with all the information at hand, read the following information about the two types of window shutters.
Wooden shutters give a warm feel to the window and the room, also giving an authentic look. Another advantage is that you have a large pallet of panels, depending on the quantity of light that will pass through your window. They are easy to match with the color of the interior design of your home. Also, the louver comes in various sizes and they are easy to clean and to paint.
There are a few disadvantages for this type of shutters. The principal one is the price. It is bigger with 10 to 40 percent than the cost of vinyl or plastic shutters. The material takes some time to manufacture and needs a proper treatment so it won’t deteriorate quickly. An environment with humidity or moisture (near pools, shower area) is not suitable for wooden shutters.
Plastic or vinyl shutters are, overall, easier to maintain. They clean easily, are easy to be made, are resistant to scratches, cracks, discoloration, dents. Also, they can be flame retardant and offer a higher grade of insulation as opposed to the wooden window shutters. Take in consideration that plastic shutters can require, depending on the size, additional divider rails.

Maybe the factor that has the highest weight in your decision will be the price. Despite the limitation of the louver size, these shutters are the choice that most of the homeowners make.

To sum up, you can make either choice. If your house is an old one and you want to preserve the look and authenticity, a good choice will be the wooden window shutters. For a more modern look, alongside the durability and resistance, you should choose the plastic window shutters.

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