Fixing a sliding window

First, check that the source of the problem isn’t dirt, paint or grime accumulated on the tracks. Another cause for the broken sliding window can be a bent track. Follow the next steps in order to repair the window.

Start off with track cleaning. For debris use a still brush or a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle. A steel wool or emery will help you remove imperfections of the surface and even it out.

Move forward to removing the sash. There are screws or rivets from the installation that provides security. You need to remove them with a screwdriver. Also, take out the locks and other devices. Put them away in a safe and clean place because you will need to reinstall them later.

The next step is to align the tracks. Start by making the bottom edge of the sash free from the track, in an outward angle. If you have to deal with a track that is bent outward, chose a wood or rubber mallet to hit the part from the top of a screw driver. Introduce, if needed apply a small amount of force, the screwdriver into the narrow section of the track. Do it gently though, in order to not rip or cut the track. Finally, push gently the end parts of the sides until they are aligned with the rest of the rail.

The level can also assure the straightness of the frame when you repair the track.

You should replace the glider for it now to cause problems again. Ask at the lumberyard supply or the hardware store to provide an exact match with the old one. This way it will be easy to put it back in the window.

Check out the weather stripping for damages and replace it if you find anything. Take out the window sash from the frame. Lay the new stripping on its slot and push it in with a gentle force until it is placed the proper way on the window’s sash. Inspect the material of the stripping for bumps or folds.

There are cases when the mechanism of the window is blocked by a defective frame. If you cannot repair the damages to it, buy a new frame and install in the place of the old piece.

The blinds can cause a problem. When the frame is in a good state, they could block the window from an adequate opening.

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