About central air conditioners

Did you look recently at your energy bill and saw a big sum? The air in your house is as hot as it is outside? Then you must consider installing a central air conditioner. It reaches more than one room in the home, even the entire living space.
Its components are a condenser, compressor and evaporator.

Depending on the type of the AC (spilt-system or package system) these parts are found on the outdoor or inside of the device.

The warm air is drawn in the unit through ductwork, is cooled, dehumidified and filtered. At the end, it is expelled back into the room. A thermostat controls the entire system.

Its installation may require a high investment from your part. It could reach $5000 due to the work to create ductwork in the entire structure (including attic and floors). Gather estimates from different companies. If your budget doesn’t cover the installation, reorient for room air conditioners.

Also, before buying the air conditioner, gather as much information about the rooms you want to cool, prices, models, sizes, efficiency. If you choose the most suited model, than your bills won’t grow and your home will be a delight to live into.

Having a broken air conditioner doesn’t mean it cannot be repaired. Usually, the problem is found at the thermostat. If the expelled air is not cool enough then a basic maintenance is asked for. A flipping of a circuit breaker may be all you need for a unit that won’t start working. You can take these steps yourself, before calling a specialist or buying a new device.

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