Give your bedroom a completely new look

The bedroom is our most private space in the house, the place where spend most of our free time. However, sometimes we get bored with the same look of this place or our tastes change during time and we need to do something about that. Renovating the bedroom is the greatest idea in order to give it a completely new look.

Changing the color of the walls, painting the furniture and replacing the linen will make any bedroom look like new. Young couples who move together need to redecorate their bedroom in order to reflect the tastes and personalities of both of them. Teenagers also need a complete makeover of their bedroom in order to reflect their personality and age. Here are some ideas that will help you renovate your private space and give it a completely new look in accordance to your personality and tastes.

 The most important things to take into account when redecorating a bedroom are the furniture, color of the walls and accessories. They can transform your bedroom a lot if chosen wisely. Let us see what you can do for a master bedroom. Usually, this is the biggest room in the house and is occupied by the head of the family or the parents. That is why it should have an elegant and adulthood look.

Paint the walls

When you pick up the color to paint the walls in a master bedroom, make sure that it is cozy and decent. Colors such as light yellow, peach, beige, gray, cream, ivory, light green, etc. will make a master bedroom look classy, elegant and homely at the same time. Choose one of these colors to paint the walls, but make sure that it works well with your existent furniture.


Decorative items such as table lamps, chandeliers, candle stands, potpourri vases, CD racks and the like can give your bedroom a beautiful makeover. At the same time, they cheer up the room and give it a specific theme you like. In order to add some personality to your bedroom, decorate the walls with framed family photos and portraits. Paintings will also look great in a master bedroom. Anther idea is to install bookshelves if you want to give your bedroom a cultural air.


Linens are also important factors to take into account when decorating a master bedroom. The drapes, curtains, bed sheets and covers must work very well with the theme in the room and the colors of the walls. For your master bedroom, choose sheets and covers in a light tone with prominent designs representing stripes, dots or flowers. This way the bed will be the focal pint in the room. Choose contrasting combinations for the sheers and drapes. For the drapes, you can choose green, lavender, brown, red, pink or yellow. Pick up sheers in light shades, ivory, beige or cream to balance the color of the drapes.

 Tips to redecorate small bedrooms

Although you may believe that there is nothing you can do to make a small bedroom look better, you are wrong. You can make a small bedroom as attractive as a master bedroom if you keep in mind a few suggestions.

 Small bedrooms for girls

If you plan to redecorate your girl’s small bedroom, think about a suitable color to paint the walls. Peach, pink, light yellow or lavender is great options for your purpose. After you finish with wall color, you need to focus on the curtains and drapes. Make sure that their color or colors work with that of the bedding; otherwise, you may have unpleasant surprises. If your girl is already a teenager, she will love an ordered and clean room decorated with stuffed toys and dolls. You can also install a dresser with lights into her bedroom. Grown up girls also need a study table, bookshelves and CD racks.

Small bedrooms for boys

Usually, boys are not as organized and tidy as girls are that is why they do not give to much attention to their bedroom. If you plan to redecorate the bedroom for a boy, paint the walls in orange, maroon, green or blue. Choose bold linens with big stripes or plain designs. A boy needs a TV, a beanbag, a play station, a laptop/PC and a music player into his bedroom. Following these ideas to decorate the room for a boy is a good idea and you will be able to keep this bedroom style for a long time without any change.

 Ideas to redecorate bedrooms for children

When you redecorate the bedroom for a child, you can create a world of his own by painting different colorful designs on the walls. Install a bunk bed and achieve bed covers and sheets with designs and patterns representing cartoons, superheroes, cars, princesses, fairy tales, etc. you can also buy drapes and curtains with their favorite cartoon character. Study tables and closets in colorful cartoon shapes are also a great idea when it comes to give your child’s bedroom a complete makeover.

Now, that you have read about different bedroom redecoration tips you can start redoing your room in accordance to your tastes and personality. Enjoy your job!

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