Tips about stairs renovation

If you want to remodel your interior staircase and give it a modern and stylish look this article will help you by presenting some interesting ideas that you can take into account. There are many options to choose from if you want to add a few modern elements or you plan to change the entire aspect of your staircase. An old staircase that has a bored look can be refurbished in order to change both its design and the aspect of the whole space.

 Change the wood with glass

You can change the style of your staircase by replacing the wood with glass. Use metal rods for the structure and high quality glass for the steps. As for the balusters, there are many types of glass available on the market to choose from. Install metallic pillars to support the balusters.

If you plan to use dark shades of glass, you should know that they work well with wrought iron pillars and supporting rods.

 Install new railings

Replacing the railings of the staircase is another great idea. If they are made of wood, you can use glass instead. Build the structure using rods made of wood, but keep the existing posts if they look good. If not, replace them with new ones. The combination between wood and glass will look gorgeous.  You can also use ornamental iron railing rods instead of wooden balusters. It depends on you to choose the design you like.

Another idea is to apply fine coil or spiral patterns between each two wooden railing rods. You will surely be satisfied with the result.

Staircase refinishing

Refinishing the stairs is another idea that you should take into account. Although this process will not change completely the look of your staircase, it is enough to bring it to live. You can paint the whole unit or you can apply a fresh color to the stairs and clean them very well. Also, add a carpet runner with a nice and colorful pattern to complete your job.

If you have enough patience and some imagination the result will surely impress you. Your staircase will look wonderful especially if you use high-quality materials ask the help of a professional to help you.

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