Termite control methods

As a homeowner, it is very important that you prevent and treat any termite related issues. If not, the structural integrity of the building can be seriously affected.

Liquid termiticide

This is one of the fastest and most efficient way of killing termites.

You or a professional, must simply apply the termiticide to the infested area. A disadvantage to this method is that the chemicals will remain in the ground around the house for a long time. You can either choose a repellant termiticide that will keep termites away, or a non-repellant termiticide which kills them.

Bait traps

Termite bait traps are more environmentally friendly than liquid termiticides. When a termite takes a part of the bait it will return to the colony, thus killing it gradually. These baits are placed into plastic stakes and then into the ground. This method is also good for monitoring termite related issues.

Borate treatment

Using Borate to kill termites is done when the house is being constructed. This is when you have to treat the wood so it will prevent termite infestations. If you find any signs of termites after the house has been built, you can still apply the chemical on exposed areas and it will kill a colony all by itself. In any other situation, Borate isn’t an effective killer. It kills the protozoa that lets the termite digest wood.


Fumigation is a common termite killing method that is effective only against the dry wood termite species. These termites are generally found in the South of the U.S.

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