Identifying termites

Even though termites can cause real damage to a home, most homeowners can’t say which ones are termites even when they see them.


  1. Usually termites swarm in the spring so this is the time when you should look for signs.
  2. If you see some insects look closely if they are termites.
    They should have a straight body and no waist.
  3. Also the wings can be a clue. Termites have 4 of them of the same size.
  4. See if you have termites inside or outside of your house. If the infestation is inside, then you definitely need a pest control specialist.


  • Some people confuse termites with carpenter ants. The last ones have pinched waists and some wings that are much larger. Also winged carpenter ants are not so fragile like the winged termites.
  • To prevent termites from setting a nest in your yard, it’s better to divert any source of water from the home foundation and also create some proper ventilation for the crawl spaces.
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