Identifying termites in your house

Regular inspections need to be done in your home to look for termites. They can create real damage so it’s better to find them early before they succeed in destroying your house. After they got into your home they will continue to multiply and infest your entire house creating costly damages.

Before taking action, you have to identity them first to see if you really have to deal with termites.


  1. Search for mud tubes along the foundation of your home. These mud tubes can have the size of a pencil. Usually the tubes are built from dirt.
  2. Try to find the damaged places in your home. Use a screwdriver to find hollowed out wood because the termites eat it from the inside out and is hard to locate. Also if you see paint that has bubbles or cracks, this can indicate some termite droppings.
  3. Try to see if there are live termites in your house or even outside. They usually travel in swarms and have small sizes with round wings and straight bodies.
  4. Search your home for termite damage during remodeling. All pieces of wall coverings that will be removed need to be examined for damage. If you find termite tunnels or live termites then it’s obvious that you need to take action and destroy the colony.


  • Ants and termites are quite similar but the first ones have a bent body with square wings.
  • If you find termites in your home, call more than one company to inspect your house before deciding which one to hire.
  • Don’t let any piece of wood to touch the soil because this will only attract termites.
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