Getting rid of termites

Exterminating any termites that may have infiltrated your property is usually done by a professional. But that is no reason why you shouldn’t attempt this by yourself.

Tools and materials needed

  • Liquid Pesticides
  • Termite Baits
  • Small Shovel


The best time to start an inspection is spring, because termites tend to migrate from a place to another in spring.

Check for mud tunnels. These are certain indications that termites have entered the house.


You could use spray to kill off termites. Apply it on the soil around the house. This way, termites can’t enter the house and also can’t exit it to return to the colony. This method is dangerous for the surrounding environment. Using termite baits is much safer.

Liquid pesticide

A liquid pesticide needs to be used in a small trench around the house. Apply it to the trench holes to create a barrier around the house. You can choose a non-repellant or a repellant pesticide. It’s best you pick the non-repellant one, that can actually kill the termites on contact.

Termite baits

You can plant termite baits that are poisoned and kill termites without needing to use a lot of expensive pesticide. These termite baits must be placed in the pathway of the termites. This way they will reach it and consume it, poisoning them and the colony. Check the bait 2 weeks after placing it. If there are signs of termite activity, replace the bait. If not, hire a professional to inspect the area and eliminate any termites.

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